J.C.A Beats Productions was officially founded in Aurora, IL in 2010. We are a hip hop production company. It consists of a two man team by the names of Justin C. Alexander(composer / producer/ musician)  (@jcabeats) and Barry Quigley(executive producer /writer/ music blogger) (@blitzb_60505). We met in the 3rd grade and have been best friends ever since. J's been writing and creating music since his childhood years. Barry jumped on board around their middle school era, around the early 90's. Now we currently continuing to make moves and networking with artists of all genres of music.

We've released 3 albums from 2001-2003 entitled: “In These Eyes You Haven't Seen", "So This Is Life" and "Focus". All songs were written, arranged and produced in house. We currently released our 1st installment of our 3 part mixtape series entitled: “Rhymes off the Dresser".

JCA Beats have worked with an assortment of artists ranging from: Beats Rhymes & Life, Devin James, Che Skizza, Maintain, B.B. Famous, C. Handler, Devious, 608 Click, K.I.K., A. Illa Angle Compilation, Knu York, GTM, Spotlife Entertainment, etc.

In 2011, JCA Beats were selected to compete in the iStandard Producers Showcase in Chicago and were only 2 POINTS AWAY FROM 1ST PLACE! Keep in mind, there were 24 producers competing in the event.

Fast forward to 2013: We were selected for a 5th time to compete in the IStandard Producers Chicago Showcase! We gained priceless info to prepare us for the music industry.  We have a team of promoters now to back us up. Tom Buckley (Marketing/Promotions), Austin Truscott (Established Internet Blogger), Nina Alexander (Photography/Promotions).

The beats are the best they have ever been and with everybody on board, JCA Beats Productions are sure to make it to the top! www.jcabeatsproductions.com
contact us: jcabeatsproductions@gmail.com follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/jcabeats https://twitter.com/blitzb_60505