-What is this voice on all your beats? 

  It protects our beats so that they can't get stolen. When you purchase a beat, it gets removed all but one that will remain at the begining of each beat its our signature..

-If I don't have Paypal account can I still buy beats?

Yes we have a Business Account on Paypal so you can Pay with Credit Card. When you are redirected to Paypal for payment you can read: « Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available).» Click Continue and you can pay with Credit Card!

-When will I recieve my beat(s) after purchase? 

   You will get an e-mail with the download links to your PayPal e-mail adress.

-Can I use the songs I record to your beats on my album/mixtape/demo and sell them too?

   Yes, we don't want to hold back your success! Please read the information on licenses info tab.

-What is the difference between "Lease" and "Exclusive"?

     Please read the information on the licenses Info page

-Can I get a free beat?

 Yes, just join the mailing list in the FREE BEAT tab (also on the home page) and  a free beat montly it will be sent to your email within 24 hours. 

-If I record to a beat from your site and my song does not sound the way it was supposed to.  Where can I get it mixed and mastered?

   We offer now mixing and mastering services for a very reasonable price go(          ) for more details

-I want my whole project to get produced, mixed and mastered by music professionals so I can sell a finished product is that has that industry sound?
     Yes we can produce a complete project from A to Z go(          ) for more details

-Can I get individual tracked out files or The Pro Tools Session file of your beat(s)?

     Yes, go to the home page for more details